Sunday, October 21, 2007

Red Light Special Music...

Esta é a música que inspirou o nome do blog...
Um hino sexual, um explicitar de vontades...
A cadência, a batida...
O sentir o desejo à flor da pele.
Sem tabús nem pudores... Red Light Special!
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Red Light Special (TLC)

Take a good look at it
Look at it now
Maybe the last time you´ll
Have a go round
I´ll let you touch it if you´d
Like to go down
I´ll let you go further
If you take the southern route
Don´t go too fast
Don´t go to slow
You´ve got to let your body flow
I like ´em attentive
And I like ´em in control

Baby it´s yours
All yours
If you want it tonight
I´ll give you the Red Light Special
All through the night
Baby it´s yours
All yours
If you want it tonight
Just come through my door
Take off my clothes
And turn on the red light

I know that you want me I can
See it in your eyes
You might as well be honest ´cause the
Body never lies
Tell me your secrets and I´ll
Tell you mine
I´m feeling quite sexy
And I want you for tonight
If I move too fast just let me know
´Cause it means you move too slow
I like some excitement
And I like a man that goes

If you want me let me know it
I´ll make time but you´ve got to show it
If you need me I want to see
But don´t mistake me
I don´t want you down on your knees
I need someone a real man
I need someone who understands
I´m a woman
A real woman
I know just what I want
I know just who I´am


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